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Auto Recycler Faces Environmental Audit by 5 Regulators

sue schauls


Sue is an environmental and safety expert whose career started 28 years ago at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center at University of Northern Iowa. She is currently the Executive Director of the Iowa Automotive Recyclers trade association and is the compliance consultant to the industry through the Automotive Recyclers Association’s Certified Auto recyclers (CAR) program and the I-CARE program – Iowa Certified Automotive Recyclers Environmental Program. Sue assists recyclers in maintaining environmental and safety compliance through the program and through writing and committee work for the ARA.

Sue has a Bachelor’s of Arts: Science: Environmental Planning (1996 UNI). Prior to joining the environmental profession, she worked as a computer analysis for Electronic Data Systems having earned a Computer Programming certificate (1985 Business Institute of Technology).

Theresa Colbert is an on-the-ground representative for She works with dismantling yards to help them decide which products in the Car-Part suite best fit their needs and shows them how they can optimize their part listings for online sales through eBay, Brokering, and Trading Partners. She does this by emphasizing the importance of accurate part grading and high-quality part images. She also stresses the value of online sales in our current marketplaces.

Theresa has been with for over 10 years. Previously, she worked at Nu-Parts Automotive Products for 10 years. Prior to Nu-Parts, she was the manager at Winter Auto Japanese Engines in Glendale, Arizona, and at AAA Economy Auto Parts in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the owner of Recycled OE Parts in Richland, MO.

With over 25 years of industry experience, she has seen the auto recycling world from almost every point of view. Theresa is on the Pennsylvania association event board, the Colorado association event board, and the ARA Scholarship Foundation fundraising committee. She also speaks at industry trade shows and writes monthly articles in The Recyclers Power Source, the Toolbox, and several state association publications.

Theresa Colbert


Leading Your Sales Team to Success

Mike Kunkel


Mike is an automotive industry lifer having grown up in his family’s new autosupply, paint body & equipment and machine shop. Following his graduation from Northwood University in Midland Michigan, he entered the salvage industry as an installer for Auto Info. His love of the industry led to a successful career in building a large recycling facility in Fort Worth Texas while being instrumental in the formulation and growth of the TEAM PRP program.

This has Mike in demand at many of the largest industry gatherings including ARA, URG, TEAM PRP, Midwest Runner, RCD and various local / state events in the United States, Canada & Australia. Mike uses a basic and proven platform to analyze businesses. Whether it is in a peer group or individual setting, he gives you an honest assessment of where you are at and what steps need to be taken to grow both sales and profits. Mike is a proven leader who is highly regarded in the automotive industry. He delivers results!

Lee Worman has experience with almost every possible scenario within our industry. He grew up working at Worman’s Auto Salvage in which he was a parts puller, delivery driver, warehouse worker, sales person, and buyer. During this time he also went to Little Rock University where he graduated with a degree in business management. Three years after graduating in 1997 Lee took a large role in negotiating a merger between Worman’s Auto Salvage and Linn’s Truck Salvage to form Preferred Auto & Truck Parts.

It was during that time he experienced working directly for a board. In 2003 Lee played a leading role in buying the Linn’s half interest in Preferred Auto to once again work in a family environment. He enjoyed working next to his father until he and his sister purchased his father’s remaining interest in the business in 2006. In 2010 Preferred Auto was at its most profitable point ever and growing double digits annually. At that time Lee negotiated a deal with LKQ to sell the family interest in the business. He agreed to stay with LKQ where he won 5 President’s Club awards with his best two years being 2016 and 2017 before leaving the company in March of 2018. He was also a past URG manager as well as a founding member of Absolute PRP and the PRP trailer system.

Lee Worman


General Business Standards

High Voltage Vehicle Best Practices

Self Service Best Practices

Eric Wilbert


Eric Wilbert is a third generation automotive recycler in his family's New York based recycling business. He currently is the director of self-service operations for the family's three U-Pull It locations. Additionally, Wilbert’s has 2 full-service locations, a tire and wheel facility and a Christmas tree farm.

Eric is part of a large and active family which includes his father, uncle, two brothers and 6 cousins. Eric is an active member of ARANY currently serving as the immediate past president. Additionally, he is looking forward to serving on the Executive Committee for ARA starting in November, 2021.

Gary Lindros has been involved in the car industry for most of his life. Gary was first exposed to cars while spending time at his family’s used car lots washing and detailing cars. He later spent summers helping out at the family’s transmission shops. After college and several years working in both the paper and telecommunications industries, Gary returned to the car business.

He started working for Ace Pick A Part in 1996 as a cashier and inventory clerk. Gary is currently Vice President and in charge of daily operations at Ace’s 30 Acre facility, as well as the current president of the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association.

Gary Lindros


Lance Thomas

Lance Thomas

For over 15 years, Lance has been a noteworthy leader in the automotive recycling industry.  He is the founder and CEO of BYOT Auto Parts that has 3 self service locations across Texas.

Lance is also on the board of the Texas Automotive Recycling Association and currently resides in the Central Texas area with his wife and 3 boys.

How Consistent Customer Service & Business Policy Will Grow Your Profits

Pat Huesers

Pat Huesers

Pat Huesers founded PAM’s Auto, Inc. with Mike Meyer as a start-up in 1991.  After more than a decade of selling recycled parts and body/mechanical repair, they centered their focus on parts distribution, options, and premium customer experience.  Today, PAM’s Auto operates on 100+ acres with 65+ employees and offers an extensive line of in-stock OE Recycled, OE Surplus, OE Reman and Aftermarket options.   Pat currently serves on the Automotive Recyclers of Minnesota (ARM) Board and the United Recyclers Group (URG) Board.  Pat also serves on the ARA Certification Committee.

Pat is proud of the PAM’s Auto team and their journey which includes the following certifications:

  • 2021 Three-year Re-Certification to ISO9001:2015 Standards.
  • 2018 Initial Certification to ISO9001:2015 standards covering Automotive
  • Dismantling, OEM Surplus, and Aftermarket auto parts.
  • 2017 NSF Certification as a Recycler and Automotive Parts Distributor

Mike Meyer founded PAM’s Auto, Inc. with Pat Huesers as a start-up in 1991.  After more than a decade of selling recycled parts and body/mechanical repair, they centered their focus on parts distribution, options, and premium customer service.  Today, PAM’s Auto operates on 100+ acres with 65+ employees and offers an extensive line of in-stock OE Recycled, OE Surplus, OE Reman and Aftermarket options.  

Mike is proud of the PAM’s Auto team and their journey which includes the following certifications: 

  • 2021 Three-year Re-Certification to ISO9001:2015 Standards.
  • 2018 Initial Certification to ISO9001:2015 standards covering Automotive
  • Dismantling, OEM Surplus, and Aftermarket auto parts.
  • 2017 NSF Certification as a Recycler and Automotive Parts Distributor
Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer

Engaging Sales Growth

Chad Counts

Chad Counts is owner, with Robert Counts, of Counts Business Consulting (CBC) a family owned business specializing in the recycling and towing industries. CBC works with customers to better their future growth opportunities. Family owners are Chad Counts, Robert Counts and Cindy Counts. If you need a service that is not listed below, reach out. We are always working to meet the needs of our customers. CBC can help with almost any facet of your business

What Your Accountant Isn't Telling You

Russell Sewell

Russell Sewell is the CFO for Arizona Auto & Truck Parts and Pull N Save self service locations.  Since joining AATP, Russ has provided leadership in banking, accounting, finance, adopting new technologies, including app development and data visualization, and various SAS solutions for the Company. Russ has 30 years of financial and operational experience in many different roles including venture capital, investment banking, risk mitigation, audit oversight and compliance.  When not working, Russ spends his time surfing, camping, and recreating with his family and friends.  Russ has a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Marriott School of Business Management at BYU.

Inventory Acquisition – The Most Important Thing To Do

Bill Stevens, CEO Fenix Parts

Stoney Rutledge, Vice President of Purchasing & Procurement @ Fenix

Sales In Self Service

Justin Eves joined The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ) in 2011. He has served in a variety of roles including Buyer, Assistant Manager, and currently Store Manager of U Pull and Pay Colorado Springs for the last six years. Justin is on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Automotive Recyclers Association.

Justin Eves

Justin enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, and spending time on his property on the Southern Front Range.
Justin is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

2020 Session: How To Hire, Keep and Get The Most Out Of Employees

Rietje (Reecha) Lulsdorf is originally from Germany and so almost naturally has found herself in an automotive-related field. Graduating with her MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2019, she is now HR Coordinator at United Catalyst Corporation.

She has enjoyed learning about the industry and building relationships with automotive suppliers and auto recyclers within the community. Rietje is responsible for implementing best practices in both selection as well as training and development processes at UCC.

She can be reached at rietje@unitedcatalystcorporation.

Rietje (Reecha) Lulsdorf

Consistently Supplying A Quality Part

Helping Both Small & Large Automotive Recycling Facilities Attain Success

Profit Team Consulting provides a full range of services for both full-service late model Recyclers who serve the wholesale market, and Self-Service Recyclers who serve the retail market.

We offer the best sales training in the industry both on and off site. Drawing on more than a century of combined sales experience, we help yards buy better and sell more through streamlining operations.

We are experts in implementing pay for performance and in leading peer bench-marking groups to help Recyclers profitably grow by better managing the metrics that matter. Our firm serves clients throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Lee Worman

Lee Worman

Mike Kunkel

Mike Kunkle

Ron Rainwater

Rob Rainwater

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Dismantling

Hear from industry consultant Andy Latham, ARA’S go-to expert on electric & hybrid battery vehicles.

You Will Learn:

  • The Latest News on EVs and Hybrids
  • What’s in the NEW ARA Electric and Hybrid Training Manual
  • How Your Team Benefits from ARA’s new Dismantling course on ARA University

Get the latest insights into the safe handling and recycling of high voltage batteries along with the steps taken to remove batteries from all vehicles prior to vehicle crushing and scrapping!

Andy Latham

Managing Director of Salvage Wire, Andy Latham’s desire is to highlight the professionalism in the vehicle recycling industry, increase knowledge and understanding, and keep everyone safe, ethical and profitable.

Expectations of Body Shops

Tim Wall

Tim Wall is the President of TNT Auto Body Repair and Service Centers located in SW VA. In this role, Tim looks after and manages a team providing all aspects of collision repair including parts management and purchasing. Tim is no stranger to the collision repair industry, having spent 30+ years as a technician, painter, manager, estimator and shop owner. Tim is passionate about the collision industry as well as helping others along the way.

Tech Talks

Podium training

NEW – Customer Journey w/ Podium

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NEW – Hollander Powerlink

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NEW – eBay Promoted Listings

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NEW – CCC Pinnacle Latest Release

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NEW – Car-Part Interchange Plus

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NEW – Advanced Remarketing Services

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NEW – Bid Buddy Sales Demo

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NEW – PMR Inbooth Webinar

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NEW – RAS 2020 Profitability Recalls Cores

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NEW – Hollander Interchange

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NEW – Car-Part Checkmate 2020R6

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NEW – CCC Pinnacle Best Practices

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NEW – eBay Inbooth Webinar

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NEW – Buddy Promos

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NEW – Hollander Production Management

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NEW – Car-Part Powering with Interchange

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NEW – Inventory Buddy Loose Module

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NEW – We Buy Key Fobs

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NEW – Whats New with Bid Buddy

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ARA's 76th Annual Convention & Expo: TRAINING ON DEMAND

Reducing the Fire Risk

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Increase Profits Better Photos

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Dismantling Parts - Hands On POV

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Jason Redman: Get Off The X

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Airbag Training Certification

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Bid Buddy is a bidding tool for online auctions and other incoming vehicles

BuddyAi You Tube Channel

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Inventory Buddy Tablet Training

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Adding Parts to Inventory

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Inventory Without Hollander Interchange

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Copart’s auction platform links Buyers and Sellers around the world.

Copart's Automotive Recycling Tips

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Copart Register & Log In Tool

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How To Buy On Copart

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Production Management 3.0 Training

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eLink Demonstration

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PowerLink Essentials Demonstration

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PowerLink Elite Connect Demonstration

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Dorman Training Center

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Dorman Solutions

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Four P's of Converter Recycling

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