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What is ARA University mission statement?

The ARA University creates innovative training content and delivery systems that professional automotive recyclers utilize to ensure a safe, efficient and productive workforce.

Why use ARA University?

With the growing population of vehicles incorporating new technologies current training is not a luxury but a necessity. Easy to use and affordable, ARAU is available to professional automotive recyclers and developed for your business.

The ARAU training provides opportunities for employee recruitment and retention through staff proficiency and knowledge. ARAU training offers the opportunity to stay informed and up-to-date on complex automotive recycling skills.


Here are some of the many reasons to bring ARA University Training to your company

  • Access courses from any computer with internet access. This allows for staggered training schedules and flexible training schedules.
  • ARAU provides specific training on requirements relating to environmental compliance and governmental training mandates.
  • You get function-specific training: skill training that is applicable to important functions that your employees perform.
  • Training designed to help you educate new employees and to provide your staff with the on-going knowledge needed to grow.
  • Excellent management tracking reports for you to see your training employee’s efforts and progress.
  • Ideal for getting your employees on a career path with your organization, taking them beyond a simple “job” mentality.
  • Important environmental regulatory compliance training including Storm water management and mercury switch removal.
  • Access required training such as Forklift training for certifications.

Do you offer demonstrations or previews of your courses?

Of course! We want you to experience all of the benefits of our products so you know you are making a sound investment when you link to specific courses at arauniversity.org/courses You will find preview courses among the course detail pages.

Does the ARA University have a course library?

View detailed training course information here >> arauniversity.org/courses. Click on the course material categories to see detailed information on each one, including previews on certain courses.

How do I contact the ARA University?

For technical information, such as how to enroll your company or employees, call the Client Success Center Hotline at (866) 356-1735 or email support@kpaonline.com.

You can also find out more about ARAU by calling (571) 208-0428 or email staff@a-r-a.org Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm EST (non-holidays). We observe all U.S. National legal holidays.

Is ARA University on any social media networks?

Find ARA University on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ARAUniversity/) and Twitter (araprofessor).

Where can I find news about ARA University?

You can visit our arauniversity.org, sign up for our email list, or visit the News & Views section of ARA University. You can also visit ARA’s website at www.a-r-a.org for more industry news.

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If you have any further questions you can write the Automotive Recyclers Association at Staff@a-r-a.org


9113 Church Street
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(571) 208-0428

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