Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Guide


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Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Guide


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In the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Guide, you will find the UPDATED INFORMATION on safely handling this technology! This guide will train your team to safely process potentially dangerous material and avoid the hazards they create so they can make the best choices when dismantling these vehicles in your facility!

high voltage warningThis guide SPECIFICALLY WRITTEN for automotive recyclers has been developed to aid in the proper handling, storage and shipping of hybrid electric vehicles and their components, including high voltage battery packs.

A valuable overview of hybrid and electric vehicle technology along with examples of various technologies and safe working practices are contained in this manual.

In addition, various hybrid/electric vehicle dismantling topics such as hybrid high voltage battery disabling, battery removal and disassembly are included throughout this guide.

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Highlights from the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Guide coverage include:

Overview of Dismantling
and Recycling
Types of Electric Vehicle
Safe Working, Tools and
Hazard Management
General Safety Precautions
First Aid for Electric Shock
High Voltage Tools
On Board Diagnostics
Recovery and Transportation
Fire Safety Best Practices
Pro-Assist App
Electric Vehicle Layouts
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Layouts
Heating and Air Conditioning
Power Assisted Steering
Lead-Acid and Other Batteries
Battery Developments
and Other Issues
Results, Records and Recommendations
Benefits of Salvage and Dismantling

manual battery disassembleNOTE: The selections and examples are intended to be additional resources for the auto recycler and NOT a replacement for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory service information, official OEM safety procedures and accredited technician training. Hybrid and electric vehicles contain some of the most complex systems ever used in the automotive field.

Suppliers Partnership for the Environment

SP logo

SP’s Responsible Battery Work Group provides a forum for automakers and suppliers to work together to advance responsible management of advanced vehicle batteries.

The following webpage contains a collection of various publicly available resources that may be helpful to recyclers, repurposers and other stakeholders seeking additional information regarding proper handling and disposal of end-of-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

EV Battery Disabling / Removal Resources

Key information related to an EV battery, including proper handling practices for emergency responders and dismantlers, is generally provided by OEMs for their electric vehicles. The links below will direct you to online resources provided directly by SP OEM members, and other third-party organizations, relating to proper handling and disposal information for their EV batteries.

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