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ARA University has a fast growing course catalog that is focused on keeping up with the rapid changes in our industry. Courses are offered to provide you with the training that you need in the areas of processes, safety, sales and management. Check out the current courses and watch for more to be added!


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Inventory Specialist

The inventory specialist will decide based upon demand data whether the parts will be dismantled and warehoused, inventoried and left on the vehicle or surplus and sold to a core buyer.

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Sales Training

An auto recycling sales person works in a fast paced environment, making sales to a diverse customer base made up of retail customers, body shops, insurance companies, mechanical shops, core buyers, and through various electronic selling platforms.

5 Courses

Parts Grading & Parts Photo Standards


An inventory person is responsible for examining recycled auto parts to determine the grade and description. Photos are becoming more important in the sales process. Learn the proper parts grading and photo standards for best inventorying to capture a sale.

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Owner, CEO, President Training

How to run a family business is a challenge to an owner. Family dynamics are complex, and the family employees and hired staff must work together to achieve the goals of a business. Family business requirements start with a clear values and a known plan of action.

1 Course

Automotive Recycling Career Path

In an automotive recycling business, there are jobs that an employee can fulfill which, once mastered, can lead to career path advancement. Employees who know their options and potential often work to achieve it. Here is a suggested career path for the industry.

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ARA University offers a variety of webinars that cover a broad range of topics on industry trends, best practices, how-to-guidance, compliance, and more to help you minimize risk, maximize profits, and transform your business efficiency. New webinars are being added to this growing library of video resources.

Plant Production

The dismantling of end-of-life vehicles requires technicians who can efficiently and safely drain fluids, dissemble autos, test parts removed, keep workstations clean, and document activities in an efficient and professional manner.

3 Courses

Health, Safety & Compliance

These courses advance state of the art practices and directly respond to recent reports from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) highlighting the top ten commonly cited violations of OSHA standards in auto recycling facilities.

25 Courses

Management Training

Good leaders must have specific beliefs and core values to which they adhere in order to effectively lead. The ultimate role of a leader is to add value to other people. The true measure of a leader is their influence; thus, a great leader must command a healthy respect and ability to change the attitude or behavior of others.

1 Course

Most Watched

Check out the most popular courses on ARA University! These courses are a great place to start if you want to make sure your business is up-to-speed on the basic practices of excellence in the operation of a automotive recycling business.

  • Rough Terrain Forklift
  • Inventory Specialist / Parts Grading
  • Hybrid New Technology
  • Phone Skills / Sales Tools
  • Sales Phone Skill Tune-Up

Industry Training Library

Industry service providers and partners of the Automotive Recyclers Association have provided their training here for their products. Check out our partner training resources!


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