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ARA University is the premier learning platform for automotive recyclers that trains your employees, tests their retention of the coursework, and even certifies them in certain courses that will help your company with compliance.

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ARA University is a benefit of membership in the Automotive Recyclers Association.

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Here Are Several Things You Will Need To Enroll


1.) Choose a person in your organization to serve as your company ARAU Administrator. This person – who could be an owner, manager or trainer – will be able to track an employee’s progress as a student, including their grades and certifications. The Administrator will also receive periodic updates and information about ARAU that you need to know.

2.) Verify whether or not your company is a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). If you are unsure, click here and type in your company name in the search bar.

Why is this important? ARA University is a NEW ARA Direct Member Benefit as of September 1, 2019. This means every ARA Member company can enroll as many employee-students as they need! This one benefit is such a value to ARA Members that for most companies it is more economical to be an ARA Member than to pay tuition to enroll your employees. And you get so much more for your membership dollars, enjoying all the benefits that members receive.

Other ARA Member Benefits can be found HERE.

If you want to discuss becoming ARA membership, contact Kelly@a-r-a.org or call her at (571) 208-0428.

3.) Compile a list of employees to enroll, along with their email address and job functions, so that you choose the right training for their training!

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ARAU provides skill-specific training applicable to job functions in automotive recycling facilities with over 40 Video Courses and Webinars available for access 24/7 on a desktop or laptop computer and most mobile devices … And more training coming on the way.

ARA University is now included in the Automotive Recyclers Association Member Benefits. This valuable tool is just click away to enroll your company! It’s that easy!

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Non-ARA Members – You can still join ARAU for a monthly fee … but why waste money when ARA Membership offers this training portal and so much more! Email staff@a-r-a.org today to find out more about ARA Membership or go to www.a-r-a.org.


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