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EV Battery Data Base


This data is from an analysis of over 1650 models from 65 vehicle manufacturers; over 7,700 batteries have been identified that need to be removed from vehicles and properly recycled. ARA has acquired this information to assist automotive recyclers with identifying and removing batteries from all vehicles. In some cases, the data includes optional information that may not be applicable to the vehicle being dismantled, or there may be country specific batteries included in the data that are not on the vehicle being dismantled. Best efforts were made to provide full and accurate data, however the ARA cannot be held responsible for errors and/or omissions.

Where the data is not complete and there are gaps, work with vehicle manufacturers is continuing and the data will be updated as new information is made available.

Members can assist the ARA by giving details of vehicles and batteries that are not in the database or any updated information by contacting ARA (

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