Fellow Recyclers:

Have you had an industrial accident at your facility? If you haven’t, you will.

Are you prepared? When I say “prepared” I mean:

1) Are you prepared to administer first aid?
2) Are you prepared to be able to send your employee to the closest First Med or Emergency center?
3) Are you prepared to investigate the root cause of the accident?
4) Are you prepared to collect and preserve the information surrounding the accident?
5) Are you prepared to face an OSHA investigation?
6) Are you prepared to face a legal action against you?
7) Are you prepared to avoid the accident in the first place by pro-actively training your people and removing safety hazards from the workplace?

snyders team 2If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, then I would highly recommend working on a dedicated safety plan at your facility. There is no better way to start a safety program than with a structured, pre-packaged, easy to use, self-documenting system that is already available for your very low cost use.

ARA University (ARAU) has been part of our industry for years. Many at ARA had envisioned continuing education for our snyder team 4employees that would help them work safer and business owners sleep more sound.

We at Snyder’s and Wrench-A-Part have used ARAU since nearly its inception. Though the early years were slow and the technology left a little to be desired, we have seen a significant improvement in the program over the last couple of years. We schedule all of our employees with courses specifically selected for their role in our recycler teamcompanies. Each of those employees is required to retake the course 1 time per year. The amount of courses ranges from 50+ for the management team to just over 20 for our full service sales team. This may be considered “overkill” by some. If you think that may be so, I refer you again to the questions I asked above.

Dan Snyder

Snyder’s Certified Auto and Truck Parts


Wrench-A-Part Self Service Auto Parts


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